Susanne’s Adventskalender Challenge – 8. Dezember 2022

Hoppela! (??)

There you go –  I am wrecking my brains but …


… a serious Emergency happend!

You see this word Hoppela resultet in a case of  me being absolutely brain dead! No kidding!

I´ve got no idea, no plan, no concept, no intension, no perception, no nothing about or related to the word Hoppela …

But I was trying… did you know by the way the english translation of „Hoppela“ is „Oops“.

Hm …lets see … but still nothing on the horizon!

Sorry, I´ll try again ….maybe tomorrow, who knows.  Hope dies last, eh?

On the other hand – it´s not easy being a Genius e-v-e-r-y- f….. day!  You tell me about it.


So I am going to open my package anyway – There!

Right now, this very minute. YAY!


S.B. 2022

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